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Performers on TVT Canada are recognised by agents and casting professionals as the most talented in the industry. That's why TVT is used every day by casting directors looking to find the best performers for their projects, whether they're casting the latest blockbuster, a new commercial, the next touring theatre production or an eagerly-anticipated television drama series.
He believes modeling should be functional and complement your lifestyle to make daily life more enjoyable and improve your quality of life.
I am very impressed with the way the site is building a close relationship with their talents, doing an excellent job at presenting them and promoting their skills.
  Peter Duncan
She enjoys running, cycling, yoga and travel.
I have been a member of the site since it began and it still continues to be one of the leading casting websites. Great jobs, well paid and easy functionality. I have just finished a 10 day shoot for leading white goods brand Sharp through Isite TV, booked via the network. It's my daily go - to site.
Monica Kettle
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